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Castle – TV Show Review

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‘Castle’ is one of the best crime-solving, detective shows out there. Now, most of these crime-solving CSI-type shows are all quite similar; with each episode solving a new crime and an overarching plot overall. I admit, ‘Castle’ is no different. However ‘Castle’ is absolutely hilarious. It’s hard to find a detective show that’s this funny.

Esposito; Alexis; Ryan; Lanie (Medical Examiner); Castle; Beckett; Captain Montgomery (their boss); Martha

The main character in ‘Castle’ is: you guessed it, Castle. Richard Castle. (Hey! I just realised this is sorta a James Bond reference. Bond. James Bond.) Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion)is a Best-Selling mystery novel writer who first meets NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) when he is called in to help on a copy-cat crime based on his book. Having just killed off the main character in his series, Castle now has writers’ block. So when he sees Beckett and you know, gets all enamoured by how hot she is, he immediately uses his connections to get permission to tag along on her cases and use her as inspiration. So, the two of them become ‘partners’ sort of, and Castle’s mystery writer mind also helps them solve cases.

Castle + funny costume. Oh, and daughter Alexis in the background.

I really like Castle’s character in ‘Castle’ and I find him much more interesting than Beckett (maybe that’s why he’s the titular character). He’s rich from being a Best-Selling author and lives with his mum Martha and teenage daughter Alexis. I know what you’re thinking but no, he’s not a mama’s boy. His mother just lives there for the moment because her last husband ran off with all her money. He was married a couple of times and his current agent/publisher or whatever is his ex-wife. His mother was and still wants to be a Broadway actress and her dramatic ways of talking are really quite interesting.

Alexis and Castle chopping onions

Castle has a good relationship with both his mother and his daughter and despite his ‘playboy’ seeming ways, he is a good caring person. Though he may appear frivolous, but he also has a serious side to him and is a typical overprotective father. When he goes on cases with Beckett and it gets a bit dangerous, he’s such a wimp that it’s hilarious. He also has a custom-made bullet proof vest with ‘Writer’ on it, while the others have ‘Police’ on theirs. Classic.

Beckett and Castle

I don’t want to say much about Beckett and I find that there’s not much to say about her anyway. The main thing though, is that she has an overarching plotline attached to her. Boo! I think I mentioned it a bit before, but I really hate those extended plotlines. There are always two of them: the romantic one (will they get together? Or won’t they?) and the ‘revenge’ one, where one of the main characters had a close relative who died and the murderer was never found so they trained to become a cop to catch the bad guy. It was like this in Keishichou Tokuhanka 007, in ‘The Mentalist’ with Jane and Red John, and of course, it’s also in ‘Castle’ as well.

Ryan; Castle; Beckett; Esposito

Beckett’s mum was killed when Beckett was a teenager and the police ruled it as a robbery gone wrong or some other unimportant reason I can’t really remember. They never caught the murderer so Beckett became a cop herself in order to catch her mother’s killer. Then, they find out that her mother’s murder was because she witnessed some corrupted policemen doing something bad, or some other really big conspiracy sort of thing.

Interrogation time!

The reason why I hate those overarching plotlines is because when an episode is about Beckett’s mum, nothing ever gets solved. ‘Oh look! They catch another minion of the bad guy. Oh, they have the bad guy in their hands. But oh no! He slips away! Aww… How cute, Beckett killed the only person who could have told her the killer to save Castle’. Ugh. I hate it. It’s boring, and repetitive, and cliché. 

So as of now, they still haven’t caught the bad guy and I doubt they ever will. Just like the romance between Beckett and Castle, I reckon the moment they get together, or the moment they catch Beckett’s mum’s killer, the entire series will end. Despite my moaning, I like ‘Castle’ and the episodes with Beckett’s mum aren’t so frequent that I get annoyed.

Castle being a doofus

I mentioned before that ‘Castle’ is hilarious. Yup. The one-liners in ‘Castle’ are actually really really funny. Okay, so once, Beckett and Castle were discussing a case and were talking about what a typical murderer or something, would look like. And Castle asked her “Do I look like a killer to you?” Beckett replied dryly: “Yes. You kill my patience.”  (Get it? Get it? Or is it too dry?) But I still laughed so hard at that line.

Castle dressed for Halloween

Oh! And this other time (not the picture above though), Castle was dressed up for Halloween and was laughing maniacally with a chainsaw and then choked in the middle. It probably doesn’t sound funny seeing it described like this, and you’ll just have to watch it.

Ryan and Esposito

Beckett’s underlings Ryan and Esposito(the other 2 detectives on her team) also often work with Castle to annoy Beckett, with some amusing results. Ryan and Esposito are hilarious together and I swear the two of them along with Castle should totally do stand-up comedy or something. As side characters, they are as good as it gets.

Beckett and Castle on dates

I haven’t said much about Castle and Beckett’s relationship but you know what it’s like right? Both of them like each other but both aren’t willing to admit it. They both date other people but deep down, still like each other etc… The relationships I find really interesting, are the ones between the whole team. Ryan and Esposito are really good friends and Castle also readily joins their little ‘group’.

Ryan; Castle; Esposito

All 3 have a good relationship with Beckett and they can all make digs at each other. You know, true friendship is when you can insult the other person without them being offended because you both know that you don’t mean it. I also love how it’s not just ‘Castle and Beckett’ and ‘Ryan and Esposito’ all the time. The cast isn’t always split into the ‘main characters’ and the ‘side characters’. Castle shares inside jokes with Ryan and Esposito as well and they act like school boys sometimes, laughing at stupid things behind Beckett’s back.

Castle, Ryan, Esposito, Captain Montgomery, Lanie

The best episode so far in the series is no doubt episode 6 in the 2nd season. It tells of a murder of a ‘vampire’ during Halloween and then later, they find the vampire’s friend; a ‘werewolf’ dead as well. Before you get all: ‘This is so cliché. Twilight. Twi-hards. I hate Twilight’ on me, I just wanna say, the ending to that episode was completely unexpected. It was the creepiest episode and has nothing to do with vampires sucking blood or sparkling at all. Just watch it. It’s good. If you want to watch any episode, watch this one.

Beckett and vampire Castle

On a side note, you know how Castle is a writer right? Well in the show, he writes a novel ‘Heat Wave’ with the main character based on Beckett. I didn’t know that before though, so the other day when I saw someone reading ‘Heat Wave’ with the exact cover that was shown on the show, I was like “OMG! What is that?!” But I didn’t actually say that. I went home and searched it up and read a couple of chapters online (the first couple of chapters is free on the ABC site). What a waste of time that was. No. Do not read it. Watch the show, but don’t read the book. It’s bad. Really bad. It’s like a crap version of the show except written in words.

Dig Castle, Dig!

Anyways, I reckon shows like these rely the most on the small moments. Because there are so many crime-solving shows, all of them sorta roll into one after a while. So the main thing is that the cases are good, the characters are interesting, and most of all, it is funny and keeps you captivated.


All photos © ABC Studios


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