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Sherlock – TV Show Review

Holmes and Watson

I wasn’t planning on writing about another TV Show so soon, and had wanted to fill up all my categories first. But all of a sudden, I remembered this show that I watched a couple of months ago: ‘Sherlock’. It’s the 2010 version and it’s absolutely brilliant. Now, you mustn’t think that I just rate everything I watch as ‘amazing’ or ‘great’. No. It’s just because I only review the good ones (at the moment. I’ll probably rant about some crappy stuff I’ve seen later. Actually, I’ve already got something in mind…) ‘Sherlock’ is a British series, with only 3 episodes in the first season and each episode is 90 minutes long. So it’s kinda like 3 mini-movies. Sort of. A second season is coming out next year and I can’t wait!

Watson and Holmes

‘Sherlock’ is a modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series. I know that usually ‘modern adaptations’ of things are usually quite weird but this is actually done quite well. For example, in the book, there’s this instance with Holmes examines and ‘deduces’ stuff from Watson’s pocket watch. But in the show, he does it with Watson’s phone. There’s not much changes in the modern version, and as long as the cases are good, it doesn’t really matter if it’s set in the modern or earlier world.

'A Study in Pink': Watson, dead lady, Lestrade, Holmes

The series focuses on one case per episode, but each case is not based entirely on each short story from the original. Some cases are mashed together and the ending isn’t one you’d expect. The first episode in the season is the best one and is loosely based on ‘A Study in Scarlet’. Notice the word loosely. Only a few elements were similar and the ending is completely different as it doesn’t go into all the ‘Latter-Day Saints’ bits (which was good cos I found that part of the story so extremely boring).

Their room in 221b Baker Street

I actually wasn’t that big of a fan of the stories in the books because after a couple of them, they all started to seem the same (I mean, there are at least 3 which are about blackmail from old acquaintances because the rich guy did something bad with the poor guy 20 years ago in Australia and now the rich guy is rich but the poor guy isn’t and the poor guy wants money. Then the rich or poor guy dies and suspicion falls on whichever one that didn’t die but it’s never them that did it). But the series is different and mixes all the good parts of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ together while discarding the boring bits.


Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch while his trusty Watson by Martin Freeman. It wasn’t until I wiki’d ‘Sherlock’ that I found out Benedict Cumberbatch also played Paul Marshall in ‘Atonement’! Imagine my surprise at the huge transformation from the sleazy millionaire to the cunning detective! Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job and  not only portrays Holmes’ arrogance and impatience, but also his quietly brilliant intensity (if that even makes sense). He is the perfect actor to play Holmes. He’s tall, skinny, and doesn’t have the ‘handsomeness’ of usual stars. That’s not to say he isn’t charismatic though. His face is… How do I put it… Very interesting. And he does the expressions of Holmes very very well that now, whenever I re-read ‘Sherlock Holmes’, I always imagine Holmes to look like Cumberbatch. That’s the sign of brilliant acting and casting right?


Martin Freeman plays Watson very well too and Watson isn’t portrayed as this ‘stupid sidekick’, which I love. Because if you think about it, Watson is very smart and has also encountered his own obstacles and stuff. I mean, he’s a doctor for goodness sake! He saves Holmes at a critical moment in the first episode and serves as Holmes’ personal coroner. He gets his own ‘moments’ as well, so isn’t only the ‘side-character’ to Holmes.

Watson and Holmes on a date... Just kidding!

The bromance between Holmes and Watson is also hilariously great. There was at least once when they were thought to be ‘together’. As in ‘together together’. And the both of them denied it in unison. Such a crack up.


 Also, in the series, we actually get to see Moriarty in action, so it isn’t just Holmes telling Watson about how great he is but we never get to even see him until he’s caught by Holmes. The first time when Moriarty comes on screen, you don’t even know it’s him because his disguise is so well done. Then, when he comes back on as himself, you’re like ‘Oh! So that was him!’ Hmm… I’m debating whether I should put a picture of him up. But then I’d spoil it for you guys. Nah. You can watch it and find out yourself.


‘Sherlock’ is executed very well and everything about it is great. The actors are chosen perfectly (I should really stop using that word), and yeah. It’s just good. SOOO good. And it’s only 3 episodes so there’s no harm in checking at least the first one out right? Yeah. Go on. Go do it now 😀

All in all, 9.5/10 (I’d give it 10, but for some reason, I just can’t give anything full marks. So 9.5 is probably the highest I’d go for a rating.) So stop reading this and go watch the actual show. Now!

All photos from BBC uk


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