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L-DK – Manga Review

I’ve only just begun to realise how hard it is to blog. After the initial excitement, I’ve found that blogging takes up a lot of time. But you know what, I still want to try to keep going with this, and see how far I can go. So, here is another manga review.

Alright. L-DK by Watanabe Ayu is one of those typical shoujo mangas. Except it’s much much worse. It’s on the top of my ‘hate’ list at the moment, so reading this review would probably be quite funny since I’ll just be ranting on and on about how bad it is. Bear with me, and hopefully this review will make you never ever want to read this manga. I mean it. Stay away from it. It will rot your brain.

At the beginning, L-DK started out quite good. I was pleasantly surprised by first couple of chapters, but that quickly spiraled down. The premise is: a girl (Aoi Nishimori) hates the popular guy (Shuusei Kugayama) for rejecting her friend’s confession, but then the guy moves in next to where she lives and his apartment floods for some reason, and so they both live together in her apartment. Lo-and-behold, she falls in love with him and that is the start of the stupidity.

Shuusei rejecting Aoi's friend, and Aoi intervening

Aoi starts out as a strong, kick-ass character who rightfully lays it in on Shuusei when he rudely rejects and insults her friend’s confession. The two of them start off on the wrong foot and when Aoi’s new neighbour moves in, she realises that guess what? It’s Shuusei! The two of them gradually start to know each other, and become friends. When Aoi is cooking for Shuusei in his apartment, she accidentally sets the pan on fire and the sprinklers go off. Thus, this plot device means that Shuusei has to live with Aoi in her house.

Gradually as they are living with each other, Aoi begins to fall in love with Shuusei. But, Shuusei has this secret past where I’m guessing he accidentally killed his girlfriend or something in an accident because there’s this bit when his brother’s wife (fiance/girlfriend?) asks him whether he still wishes he could have died in that girl’s place. Oh yeah, what’s even more messed up, is that Shuusei was/is in love with his brother’s girlfriend/wife/fiance because she was originally his girlfriend and his brother stole her from him.

Aoi crying for the umpteenth time

So anyways, Aoi likes Shuusei and Shuusei does all these douchey stuff to get her to stay away (because, I’m guessing, he feels guilty over his girlfriend’s death?). And this is where it gets really really annoying. Aoi becomes really pathetic and cries at least once every chapter when she sees Shuusei after he moves out of her apartment. I swear. That is totally true. She sees him in school, he ignores her, she cries. She sees him in his apartment, he ignores her, she cries. She thinks about him, and how he “doesn’t belong to her” and she cries. If she’s not crying, she’s looking like she’s about to cry while mulling over Shuusei. Ugh. It’s sooo pathetic. That is the best word to describe Aoi. Pathetic. Where did the Aoi in the first chapter go? She became this whiney, little, snivelling, pathetic little girl.

The top and middle panel is what Aoi's expression is for half the manga

She does everything she can to try and get Shuusei to like her. She doesn’t even care that maybe Shuusei doesn’t like her, or maybe she shouldn’t throw herself at his feet. There’s this one time when she tries to take off her clothes in front of him to try and make him be with her. That was the moment I really started hating her. How pathetic can someone get? I don’t understand how she can lower herself so much. She is the most pathetic person ever! She confesses to Shuusei everyday, but he always brushes her off. She hugs him, cries in front of him, begs him, does everything! But he just doesn’t respond. Well Aoi, maybe that means he doesn’t like you and you should back off! And even if he does like you, he probably has a reason for not accepting your many many many confessions. So you should still back off anyway!

I’m ranting so much about how pathetic Aoi is, but that doesn’t let Shuusei off the hook either. OK, if he doesn’t like Aoi, he should be very clear about that, and maybe you know, move out of her house?! Maybe he should also not flirt with her every second chapter, and reject her in the next chapter. It’s not stated yet, but I bet he totally has a ‘tragic’ past where he was probably driving his car/motorcycle with his girlfriend in the back and got into an accident where his girlfriend died. So now he’s consumed with guilt and doesn’t dare to fall in love. So because he’s fallen in love with Aoi, he feels that he doesn’t deserve it, so he tries to push her away. But you know, some things he did to her totally crossed the line. I think there was one time when he tried to half rape her to scare her away, and I think that really got out of hand.

So yeah, definitely do not read L-DK unless you want to become really really angry. It’s a total waste of time, and I’ve dropped the manga now. It is still ongoing, and unless something big happens that redeems Aoi, I’m definitely not going to finish it.

Rating: 2/10


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3 thoughts on “L-DK – Manga Review

  1. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. Ciel && Aoi on said:

    They become couples @Chapter29,
    I hope that you will read it and see for the positive moments they have 🙂

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