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Cream puffs – Things that make you go Mmmm….

My cream puffs

Now that the holidays are coming up, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite recipes. I usually just do baking and not actual cooking, so I’m afraid all the recipes you’re gonna get is cakes and stuff.

First up on the list is: Cream puffs! Or, the fancy name for it: Profiteroles! Horray! Read more…


The Book Thief – Book Review


Yes! My first book review! Being busy with exams and whatnot, I haven’t been able read a book in a looong time. But now that it’s the holidays and I have lots of spare time, I have started reading again. The first of these was ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak which I recently finished. Having heard good things about it, I was quite looking forward to finally reading it. I don’t know what I expected, but all I can say is that it’s not bad but not that great either. Before I read it, I only knew very vaguely that it was about a person who stole books (hence the title), and it was during the second world war. But when I read it, I realised that the books weren’t a big part of the story, and the story was mainly focused on the happenings in a small German town in the second world war when Hitler persecuted the Jews. Read more…

It Started With a Kiss/They Kiss Again – Drama Review

Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu, Ah Jin, Pei Zi Yu

I haven’t been watching many new dramas recently, so I thought I’d review a couple more of my old favourites. The Taiwanese drama ‘It Started With a Kiss’ and its sequel ‘They Kiss Again’ is in my opinion, one of the best Taiwanese dramas out there. I know they may be a bit old (with ISWAK broadcasted in 2005 and TKA in 2007), but they are definitely worth a watch. The light-hearted, slice-of-life feel of the drama makes for a very breezy and comfortable watch. It’s cute without being sickly-annoying, and funny without being over the top. Read more…

Top 10 Worship songs

Hillsong concert

I haven’t mentioned it before, but yes. I am a Christian. I don’t want to delve too much into that at the moment, but just really felt like sharing these songs with you guys. I want you guys to know that Christian songs aren’t all hymns, but there are quite a few modern Christian singers and bands out there. I’m going to share with you my 10 favourite Christian songs, both the older ones, and the newer ones. I’m not here to preach to you or to pressure you into believing, or anything like that. I’m just here to share with you some of the things I love.  Read more…

L-DK – Manga Review

I’ve only just begun to realise how hard it is to blog. After the initial excitement, I’ve found that blogging takes up a lot of time. But you know what, I still want to try to keep going with this, and see how far I can go. So, here is another manga review.

Alright. L-DK by Watanabe Ayu is one of those typical shoujo mangas. Except it’s much much worse. It’s on the top of my ‘hate’ list at the moment, so reading this review would probably be quite funny since I’ll just be ranting on and on about how bad it is. Bear with me, and hopefully this review will make you never ever want to read this manga. I mean it. Stay away from it. It will rot your brain. Read more…

Sherlock – TV Show Review

Holmes and Watson

I wasn’t planning on writing about another TV Show so soon, and had wanted to fill up all my categories first. But all of a sudden, I remembered this show that I watched a couple of months ago: ‘Sherlock’. It’s the 2010 version and it’s absolutely brilliant. Now, you mustn’t think that I just rate everything I watch as ‘amazing’ or ‘great’. No. It’s just because I only review the good ones (at the moment. I’ll probably rant about some crappy stuff I’ve seen later. Actually, I’ve already got something in mind…) ‘Sherlock’ is a British series, with only 3 episodes in the first season and each episode is 90 minutes long. So it’s kinda like 3 mini-movies. Sort of. A second season is coming out next year and I can’t wait! Read more…

Castle – TV Show Review

File:Castle title card.png
‘Castle’ is one of the best crime-solving, detective shows out there. Now, most of these crime-solving CSI-type shows are all quite similar; with each episode solving a new crime and an overarching plot overall. I admit, ‘Castle’ is no different. However ‘Castle’ is absolutely hilarious. It’s hard to find a detective show that’s this funny. Read more…

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