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Sherlock – TV Show Review

Holmes and Watson

I wasn’t planning on writing about another TV Show so soon, and had wanted to fill up all my categories first. But all of a sudden, I remembered this show that I watched a couple of months ago: ‘Sherlock’. It’s the 2010 version and it’s absolutely brilliant. Now, you mustn’t think that I just rate everything I watch as ‘amazing’ or ‘great’. No. It’s just because I only review the good ones (at the moment. I’ll probably rant about some crappy stuff I’ve seen later. Actually, I’ve already got something in mind…) ‘Sherlock’ is a British series, with only 3 episodes in the first season and each episode is 90 minutes long. So it’s kinda like 3 mini-movies. Sort of. A second season is coming out next year and I can’t wait! Read more…


Castle – TV Show Review

File:Castle title card.png
‘Castle’ is one of the best crime-solving, detective shows out there. Now, most of these crime-solving CSI-type shows are all quite similar; with each episode solving a new crime and an overarching plot overall. I admit, ‘Castle’ is no different. However ‘Castle’ is absolutely hilarious. It’s hard to find a detective show that’s this funny. Read more…

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